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Translational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

  • Dr Carola Romberg (2007-2010; Marie Curie Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, Munich from April 2010)
  • Dr. Boyer Winters (2001-2007; Assistant Professor at University of Guelph from September 2007).
  • Dr Anelise Lazaris (now Marti) (2004-2006; Head of Lab at Boehringer Ingleheim, Germany from September 2006).
  • Dr Suzanna Forwood (2004-2011; Research Fellow at Institute for Public Health, Cambridge from July 2011).
  • David Delotterie (co-supervised with Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals; 2011).
  • Rosie Cowell (2002-2006; now a Research Scientist in the Department of Psychology, UCSD). Newton Abraham Studentship.
  • Susan Bartko (MPhil 2003-2004, PhD 2005-2008; now Associate Project Manager at Cornerstone Research Group, Toronto); NIH Ruth Kirchstein Studentship.
  • John Talpos (2003-2006; now at Janssen Pharma); Merck Studentship.
  • Stephanie McTighe (MPhil 2005-2006, PhD 2006-2010; now at Pfizer, Groton); MRC Studentship.

Dr Pedro  Bekinschtein
I'm interested in the neurobiological mechanisms involved in pattern separation, the computational process by which the brain makes similar representations of events more dissimilar or less confusable. I use a combination of pharmacology, brain stainings
PhD student, co-supervised with Roger Barker. 2007-2012.
 Daniel  Kofink
Visiting MSc student from Utrecht University, September 2011 - May 2012.
Research Associate 2010-2012. Now at Nature.
 Katie  McAllister
PhD student 2008-2012. Development and validation of preclinical touchscreen tasks for the assessment of cognitive impairments present in schizophrenia. Now at The Boston Consulting Group (London Office).
Dr Jess  Nithianantharajah
Research Associate 2008-2012; now at University of Edinburgh.