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Past Members

  • Dr Carola Romberg (2007-2010; Marie Curie Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry, Munich from April 2010)
  • Dr. Boyer Winters (2001-2007; Assistant Professor at University of Guelph from September 2007).
  • Dr Anelise Lazaris (now Marti) (2004-2006; Head of Lab at Boehringer Ingleheim, Germany from September 2006).
  • Dr Suzanna Forwood (2004-2011; Research Fellow at Institute for Public Health, Cambridge from July 2011).
  • David Delotterie (co-supervised with Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals; 2011).
  • Rosie Cowell (2002-2006; now a Research Scientist in the Department of Psychology, UCSD). Newton Abraham Studentship.
  • Susan Bartko (MPhil 2003-2004, PhD 2005-2008; now Associate Project Manager at Cornerstone Research Group, Toronto); NIH Ruth Kirchstein Studentship.
  • John Talpos (2003-2006; now at Janssen Pharma); Merck Studentship.
  • Stephanie McTighe (MPhil 2005-2006, PhD 2006-2010; now at Pfizer, Groton); MRC Studentship.
Dr Pedro Bekinschtein, PhD
  • I'm interested in the neurobiological mechanisms involved in pattern separation, the computational process by which the brain makes similar representations of events more dissimilar or less confusable. I use a combination of pharmacology, brain stainings and biochemical techniques with elegant behavioural paradigms to understand how pattern separation contributes to the different phases of memory processing.
Minee Choi
  • PhD student, co-supervised with Roger Barker. 2007-2012.
Daniel Kofink
  • Visiting MSc student from Utrecht University, September 2011 - May 2012.
Dr Louisa Lyon
  • Research Associate 2010-2012. Now at Nature.
Katie McAllister
  • PhD student 2008-2012. Development and validation of preclinical touchscreen tasks for the assessment of cognitive impairments present in schizophrenia. Now at The Boston Consulting Group (London Office).
Dr Jess Nithianantharajah
  • Research Associate 2008-2012; now at University of Edinburgh.